Why Hire a Sleep Consultant

  1. Frustrations and problems with sleep are the #1 problem I hear from mothers.
  2. Sleep is “food for the brain” and as important as nutrition for the body. Poor sleep has been linked to ADHD, decreased academic performance, behavioral problems and many health problems for the entire family.
  3. You have probably heard a lot of advice and maybe read many opinions, which is overwhelming.
  4. I will customize a sleep plan for your child and your family. We will work together to design a sleep plan to meet your goals, following your comfort level. It is NOT a one size fits all approach.
  5. There are many sleep consultants but not all of them are certified. During my certification process, I completed over 80 hours of training. I am trained in a wide range of methods. I am also trained in the biology of sleep and how to work with each developmental stage.
  6. I will provide on-going support through the process and answer your questions. I want you to succeed and get the sleep you need.
  7. You will be teaching your child healthy sleep habits that will last a lifetime.

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