Traveling for the holidays with babies or toddlers

    The holiday season can be a fun time of visiting and traveling. But, if you are stuck with a cranky baby or toddler, FUN is not the word that comes to your mind! Keeping your child well rested can make the holiday season more joyful for the entire family. Your child’s sleeping environment:…

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Four Month Sleep Regression

Words that strike fear in a mom’s heart are “4 month sleep regression”! There are misconceptions with that phrase. The word “regression” according to the dictionary means moving backward, return. That is not what is happening with your baby. You brought your little bundle home from the hospital and maybe you were blessed with a…

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Why Hire a Sleep Consultant

Sleep through the night?

Does Your Baby SLEEP THE ENTIRE NIGHT? NO WILL YOUR BABY EVER SLEEP THE ENTIRE NIGHT? NO Sorry! I know you did not want to hear that!   No one ever sleeps the entire night either because all of us have brief awakenings as we move between our sleep cycles. We experience REM sleep (rapid…

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Day Light Savings Time

Day Light Savings Time ends on November 2, 2014. That means an extra hour is being added to your weekend! That should be exciting information. This is the “good” time change! BK (before kids) that meant more time for your FUN weekend activities. AK (after kids) the big question is, “What will this do to…

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Infant Tummy Massage to Relieve Gas

To see the complete massage instructional video: