How to Dress your Baby at Night

The weather is turning colder at night. You might be adding blankets to your bed or wearing warmer pajamas to stay comfortable. The big question is:     How should you dress your baby at night?  Your baby is not able to tell you if they are too warm or too cold so it always a…

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When is the Best Time to Sleep Train?

  What is sleep training? Sleep training means to teach your child the ability to get from the awake state to the sleep state without assistance. That should be the goal for each child. This ability is a necessary skill for life. Does the thought of sleep training fill you with fear? You might have…

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What is the best bedtime per age of the child.

The secret of having a child who sleeps well

Consistency is the secret if you want your child to sleep well. Consistency in the timing and place of sleep will begin to build healthy sleep habits. Your child needs to depend on your consistent response in how you handle their sleep. When I talk with pregnant families they are all hoping for a baby…

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School is Starting, Ready or Not!

Five Preparation Tips for a Successful School Year Tip 1) Bring a good attitude to school.  Prepare your child for the new school year. Vacation time is coming to an end. The travels, swimming and sleep in mornings are almost over. A new school year brings excitement, anticipation but also some fears and worries. Before school…

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Travel with a child

Five Tips for Travel with a Child

 Tip #1 When you travel with a child try to maintain the same timing for meals and sleep that you follow at home.  The first step to prevent tears and meltdowns is to avoid your child becoming overtired or hungry.   For adults, vacation is time to sleep in and not be tied to an…

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You Don’t have to be a Perfect Mom

Instead of having a perfect mom, your child wants to be loved and for you to do the best you can. I have contact with and listen to what mothers have to say every week. Moms are amazing! Mothers give up their own comfort to care for their child. Sometimes moms have a difficult time…

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Sleep makes your baby smarter!

Sleep is beneficial for physical growth, health, and as a recent study shows, naps also increase learning in infants. The Max Planck study, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests that naps help our children retain the skills or knowledge they just acquired. Research was done on 90 infants between the ages…

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Are you a failure if you seek help to get your child to sleep?

Absolutely not! Are you a failure if your child is sick and you take them to a doctor? Of course not! Are you failure if your car is not running and you take it to a mechanic?    No! It is wise to find a professional to help you with an area you need help…

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Sleep Habits

  Our babies can begin to learn habits after about 2 months of age. It is important to build good sleep habits in our children so that we do not have to break the unsustainable and undesirable habits. When your baby is crying in the middle of the night everyone wants the baby to sleep.…

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toddler loves napping

Choose Sleep

Each day comes with a list of requirements and opportunities. Our school age children have homework, music lessons, or sports demanding their time. To fit everything in our day, bedtime gets pushed back. These activities are good for our children, but not when they are robbing our child of the sleep they need. Sleep is…

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Make Sleep a Priority in 2017

I hope 2017 will be a year of great sleep for your whole family. I don’t know what your goals are for 2017 but I hope they include making sleep a priority as it is a necessity for health and happiness. I meet and talk with families who are struggling with sleep. Lack of sleep…

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Five Tips for a Happy Child During the Holidays

A tired child will be a grumpy child. The first step to having a happy child during the holidays is to keep your child well-rested. First Tip: Make sleep a priority. Provide a time and a place for naps. Keep your child as close to their regular nap schedule as possible to avoid an overtired…

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Infant Tummy Massage to Relieve Gas

To see the complete massage instructional video: