Stressed parents putting baby to sleep

Parent Emotions and Sleep Training

Sleep training is emotional for parents. The goal of sleep training is for a child to learn to go from awake to asleep without any assistance. This is a skill each child will need to learn because it is a skill for life. For parents, it is often difficult to watch your child trying to…

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working from home with children

Survive Work From Home With Children

Coronavirus fears are everywhere. Life feels upside down and crazy right now. Many families are confined to their houses. How can you survive and thrive while working at home with children?  Five Tips to Survive Work From Home with Children    1. Follow a consistent schedule Our body works best on a schedule of food…

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toddler loves napping

Toddlers Want To Sleep

This week I saw a little two-year-old ask her mom if she could “go nap”. She went happily to her bed, snuggled up with her blanket and favorite stuffed animal. She slept for 2 hours and woke up happy and smiling! Our toddlers want to sleep. It feels amazing to be well-rested.  Our children love…

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School Performance Impacted by Sleep

School performance is significantly impacted by the amount and quality of your child’s sleep Nutrition, exercise, and sleep are necessary to be healthy and able to learn. If your child is falling asleep or yawning in class or while doing their homework, your child is not getting enough sleep. Other signs of inadequate sleep are…

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Postpartum Depression

PostPartum Depression is Common and Normal

Postpartum depression is more prevalent than we realize. Research says that one out of five new mothers deals with some degree of it. Postpartum depression is common and normal. It is very treatable. It is OK to talk about it. Many times the birth process and then the nursing and caring for their baby is…

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Make Bedtime Early for Your Child

I recently had a dad tell me that he likes to keep his 4 year old son up to watch movies with him on the weekend until 11 or 12 PM. A store employee told me about her frustration with parents in the store at 9 PM with children who are crying or running up…

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Baby Number Two

Exciting News! You are going to have another baby! As a second-time parent you probably have a lot of emotions about having another child. You are not alone, your number one child is going to have a lot of thoughts, feelings and emotions about becoming a sibling. Those emotions for your child might be happy,…

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Baby Will Not Sleep

A frequent question parents ask me is: “Why won’t my baby sleep?”  The number one reason is the baby or toddler does not know how to sleep. Children must learn many skills after they are born. Sleep is a skill they need to learn. A newborn baby does not know how to get themselves to…

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Why Is Sleep Important for Our Children?

Everyone needs sleep to be healthy. Our bodies and brains need restorative sleep , to keep every system functioning well. Sleep should be a priority for parents and children. Restores the brain When you are exhausted, it is a struggle to think clearly.  The brain needs sleep to function well. I know from my own…

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Time Change and Sleep

Spring Time Change On Saturday night, March 10, you can go through your house and move your clocks one hour forward. The problem is that your child does not have a button which allows you to adjust their body clock. Spring ahead Daylight Saving Time means you will lose an hour on Sunday, March 11. If…

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Holidays With a Toddler

  The holidays bring lots of changes to the life of your toddler.   1) Change of their schedule. If your toddler normally goes to daycare or has a babysitter, it is a change to be at home with mom/dad. The routine of their day will be different. There is no rushing off to work…

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Five Sleep Tips to Help Your Child Adjust to the Fall Time Change

  What could you do with an extra hour? Before kids it meant you could stay out an hour later on Saturday night or snuggle in your bed for an extra hour on Sunday morning.  If you are a tired and exhausted parent, you love the thought of an extra hour of sleep.  But, what…

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Infant Tummy Massage to Relieve Gas

To see the complete massage instructional video: