Eight-months old and asleep in less than ten minutes


The eight-month old little boy yawned and rubbed his eyes. His mother said to her guest, “Excuse me, it is time for his nap, I will be back in a few minutes.”

Less than ten minutes later the mother returned. The guest said, “Is he asleep already? I did not hear any crying!”
The mother turned on the video monitor which showed the little boy rolling onto his side with his fingers in his mouth. He calmly fell asleep in less than ten minutes.

You might be asking, how is this possible? Is he simply an easy baby?
This is the result of setting healthy sleep habits and working with a sleep consultant to guide the family through each developmental change.

I helped this family set up an environment to promote sleep. I gave them advice and tips when going through the changes in sleep as the baby grew. The family made sleep a priority. They helped their child learn to nap and sleep at night.

They are now enjoying their well-rested little boy. He naps 1-2 hours twice a day and sleeps 11-12 hours each night.

This is possible for your family too. If your child is fighting naps or only sleeps in your arms or wakes frequently at night, contact me to guide you in getting your little one to sleep better.

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Arlene Fryling

Arlene is a registered nurse and certified sleep consultant for children 0-5 years. She has cared for premature, sick, and many healthy babies. For over 15 years she has taught expectant parents how to care for their newborns through classes teaching basic baby care, infant massage classes, and moderating support groups for new moms as they deal with parenting issues.

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