Sleep Habits

  Our babies can begin to learn habits after about 2 months of age. It is important to build good sleep habits in our children so that we do not have to break the unsustainable and undesirable habits. When your baby is crying in the middle of the night everyone wants the baby to sleep.…

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toddler loves napping

Choose Sleep

Each day comes with a list of requirements and opportunities. Our school age children have homework, music lessons, or sports demanding their time. To fit everything in our day, bedtime gets pushed back. These activities are good for our children, but not when they are robbing our child of the sleep they need. Sleep is…

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Make Sleep a Priority in 2017

I hope 2017 will be a year of great sleep for your whole family. I don’t know what your goals are for 2017 but I hope they include making sleep a priority as it is a necessity for health and happiness. I meet and talk with families who are struggling with sleep. Lack of sleep…

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Five Tips for a Happy Child During the Holidays

A tired child will be a grumpy child. The first step to having a happy child during the holidays is to keep your child well-rested. First Tip: Make sleep a priority. Provide a time and a place for naps. Keep your child as close to their regular nap schedule as possible to avoid an overtired…

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The Time Change is Coming

Yes, it is that time of the year. Fall is when the clock falls back and you get an extra hour (in theory). What does that mean for your child’s sleep? Their normal bedtime will feel like an hour earlier and your child might want to wake up an hour earlier in the morning! Yikes!…

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Taking a Walk Helps Sleep

Going for a walk has many benefits for parents and children. Exposure to sunlight will reset each person’s body clock. Our body clock tells the body when to wake up and when it is time for sleep. It tells all the body systems how to function within a 24-hour circadian rhythm. Newborns can be born…

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Can You Adjust to Lack of Sleep?

I spoke at a Sleep Workshop last week. The woman introducing me asked the audience of about 50 people how many of them received 8 hours of sleep per night. I was shocked that not one person raised their hand! Most of these people did not have babies to keep them awake at night yet!…

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Traveling with a baby or toddler

Traveling with a baby or toddler can be challenging. Good planning and preparation can greatly improve the experience. Keep sleep a priority for your child. This will lead to a happier child you can enjoy. Follow their familiar sleeping and eating schedule as much as possible. Take a break during the day for your child…

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Will Solid Food help my baby sleep through the night?

No! That is a myth. Many parents ask me if starting solid food will help improve their baby’s sleep. Solid food or a full tummy is not what helps a baby sleep when they are over four months old. There are no studies which show that starting solid food will lead to a child sleeping…

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Testimony from a successful sleeping baby and family: I can’t say how thankful my husband and I are for Arlene and how she walked with us through getting our sweet daughter to sleep more through the night. I read what seemed like every article on google on how to get your baby to sleep and…

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Infant Tummy Massage to Relieve Gas

To see the complete massage instructional video: